Maguire Defeats This Chelsea Player In A Race, As Teammates Cheer Him On


Manchester United centre back Harry Maguire has so many good qualities which make him a good defensive leader.

Infact if England are going to beat the German Machines on Tuesday night, then Maguire's impact in defence will be crucial given he is arguably England's best centre back.

However, Maguire's slow pace is the one thing that undermines his standing as a top class centre back at Man United and England.

World class centre backs such as Virgil Van Dijk and Sergio Ramos, all have pace which helps them be able to deal with counter attacking opposition.

Hence, Maguire's slow pace is the main reason why the centre back is disregarded by critics. However, despite being slow, Maguire hilariously beat one of his teammates who is considered to be among the fastest in the English squad.

During one of England's training drills, Maguire was pitted alongside Chelsea's Reece James.

However, against all odds, Maguire managed to finish his running drill slightly ahead of James as his England teammates cheered him on.

The improvement in sprint speed, will definitely be an asset against Germany wingers if England loose possession high up the field.


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