Meet The Only Son Of Peter Okoye Who Plays For Barcelona's Academy Team (See His Pictures)

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Nowadays, most kids who are fortunate to be born with a silver spoon find it very hard to work hard for their job and personal life. Most of them depend entirely on the family's wealth and thus become lazy and lavish, but Cameron Okoye's case seems to take a different form. Cameron Okoye is the only son of famous Nigerian musician Peter Okoye, he just celebrated his 12th birthday celebration, and his father went to his Twitter page to bless his son.

Cameron Okoye proved that even the rich can produce good children. He was picked by Barcelona Academy officials in Lagos after being impressed with his soccer skills during a trial. The young boy showed interest in football as he still uploads pictures of his football pitch training.

Peter Okoye encouraged his young son to take football as a career, saying he and his brother Paul Okoye were very good at football during his childhood. With how lucrative playing football is, there's no question that Peter Okoye will drive his son to the professional football level to help him fulfill his dream of becoming a footballer.

Cameron Okoye manages and officially licensed Instagram account, and is seen sharing videos of his football pitch training. No doubt the young boy has passion and enthusiasm for football even at this young age or 12.

See Cameron Okoye's photos;

Peter Okoye is certainly proud of his son, and this should be an example to Nigerian parents; training a child is something that should be done carefully to reap the benefits of maturing.

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