Calls reportedly increasing for rotational learning to end

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It has been a while since there have been calls for the Department of Basic Education to deal away with rotational learning . A report from Newzroom Africa claimed that the Department of Basic Education had made its calls to the National Coronavirus Command Council to approve their call for an end to rotational learning .

The Department of Basic Education also reportedly made a call for the council to reduce the 1 meter social distancing in classrooms .The aim according to the department is to reduce the number of drop outs . In regard to these calls , a Virologist by the name of Professor Bary Schouf was invited to discuss if the calls by the department were safe to be implemented in South Africa .Rone McFarlane from Equal Education was also invited to help discuss the issue .

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When Rone was asked if it were safe to have learners returning to the classroom considering the poor status of the school toilets , she said that the country had experienced challenges in the past three years .She said that learners could not learn from home , hence learning tie had been lost .It was added that the schools were not good at retaining safe learning .She revealed that different measures had been put in place such as vaccination.She went on and said that overcrowding were challenges that had to be dealt with.

When Prof was asked how safe it was for learners to go back to school. He responded by saying that there were measures in place such as vaccination. However , the said that judging from the current situation , it would be safe to allow a full time return to the classroom . He went on and said that it would take months to have the fifth wave , hence safe to allow learners back on a full time basis.


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