In disbelief| here is how much traffic cops get paid per month and the requirements.

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Essentials to become traffic cop

Be a South African.

Be a Grade 12 or its indistinguishable NQF level 4.

Have no criminal record.

Have a Medical Certificate that licenses you to do depleting works out.

Should not be more prepared than 35 years.

Have a Code B driving License (manual transmission)


We see them making the rounds generally, checking moving vehicles to guarantee the roads are okay for everyone. This may excite one's interest, yet they may be questionable how to proceed.When people pick a calling, the primary thing they consider is pay. People would prefer not to contribute such a ton of energy considering. Today we will see the manner in which much police get repaid every month in South Africa and moreover the essentials one should meet to qualify. One ought to understand that one necessities to believe that the close by government will share posts for such an errand. It happens every year, so you better keep your eyes open continually.


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