Checkout Photo Of “Dumsor” Schedule Of Different Towns In May


Welcome to my page of article cherished family and friends. Thank you all for clicking on this article, please follow me and share this article to your family and friends. In today’s article, I’m here to share you dumsor schedule from “ECG” and you all should take note.

We all know what “dumsor” is about and how we have experienced and has become common to Ghanaians. “Dumsor” simply means electricity turning off and on and it has been translated from twi. “Dumsor” is one of the problems Ghanaians are facing now and it’s going to be serious this month. Dumsor is affecting some part of town in the country and has made Ghanaians not to feel comfortable.

We all know how it started and costing loss in a lot of businesses in Ghana. The source of Dumsor “ECG”has now released a timetable for Ghanaians and to let them to know when they will experience that. In this article, let’s see some time table which has been released.

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