5 Foods That Will Make Your Children Smarter: Number 1 is Common in Nigeria


Everything about developing a child's brain starts from when they're young, that's why it's important to give them foods while they're still young, that will enhance their brain development and make them smarter. There's this popular phrase that goes "You're what you eat" so, read on to find out what foods you should be giving your child in excess.

5. Fish

Many children don't like fish mostly because it's cooked plainly. If you fry the fish and garnish it with spices and condiments, it would be tastier for your child. Fishes contain Omega 3 fat which is good for brain development in children. Adding fish to your child's diet will do a whole lot for him/her.

4. Yogurt

Scientists say that the fat in yogurts help brain cells in sending and receiving information. Examples of yogurts are plain ones that have more protein that carbohydrates in them.

3. Apples

Children often love to eat sugary or sweet things, replacing junk food or sugary snacks with apple is healthier and beneficial for them. Apples serve as antioxidants that help clean the lungs and prevents the brain from being slow.

2. Greens and Vegetables

It's no new news that vegetables and greens are the number one healthy to-go foods for everyone, including children. Giving your kids vegetables and greens occasionally will help their brains grow new cells and repair damaged ones.

1. Eggs

People eat eggs on a daily but do not know it has a lot of healthy benefits. Besides being the number one source of protein people are familiar with, it helps in brain development alot. It helps in concentration and focusing, something that children have to be used to in their early ages. Give your children eggs regularly, prepared in any way you like.

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