"Huyu Anatumia Watoto Kukula Wanaume Pesa" Sonko Exposes His Alleged Baba Mama, Demands The Baby

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After a woman sued former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko over child upkeep, the vocal politician has come out to break the silence.

Without denying or denying siring the said 15-year-old girl with the woman, Sonko is now demanding that the woman surrenders the child to him so that the can give her the proper care she deserves.

Sonko is now alleging that the woman, a mother of 3, has been using kids to blackmail men and get money from them.

According to him, two of her kids were recently taken away by their father because the woman was demanding money from him

"Her two other kids Jabali and Riley were recently taken from her by her ex-boyfriend Austin who now stays with them at Langata coz huyu dame hutumia watoi kublackmail ndio apewe doo ya kudunda 24/7," Sonko alleged.

While the woman is demanding more than Sh450,000 as monthly child upkeep, Sonko has vowed that she is not going to get any penny from him.

He is demanding that the woman surrenders the child to him if she is claiming he is the father.

The case will be mentioned on 26 May.

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