More Photos Of The Model Who Said She Rather Adopts A Child Than Give Birth To One


Children are precious gifts from God, they are a blessing of any marriage, almost everyone in the world wants to give birth to their kids, although some have made up their mind not to undergo the pains in childbirth.

Beautiful endowed Nigerian model whose name is Monalisa Stephen has left people talking after making a controversial statement on social media over giving birth, as we all know, she is not the only one who have made such statements, some people are on this table too, many don't say it out this way cause of what people might think or say.

Everyone with their choices, a lot of people prefer giving birth to their child so the trait and gene of the family will continue to expand, while some feel a child is a child regardless of you gave birth to them or not.

In her statement, she said: I am still standing on what I said over not having children from me, It was an opinion I put up with when I was 16-years old, I will relatively go for adoption than give birth to my children. I may devote my life work to taking care of kids all over the earth. I hope my perspective husband will comprehend and respect my verdict.

Anyhow she wants it, it's her choice and she is also a blessing in disguise to those kids out there in the orphanage home who has no one to carter for them, at least the one she will adopt will enjoy it to the fullest, cause she won't want the child to know she is not the biological mother.

All children should be loved regardless of the child is yours or not, it's the same blood that runs through every child, so I see nothing wrong in adopting a child, although a lot of people may see it like it's not right.


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