'Sifanyi Kazi Na Matajiri' Ruto Responds to Uhuru, Reveals Why He Is Bitter With Him

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Deputy president William Ruto has responded to his boss Uhuru Kenyatta and revealed of the major reason he was bitter with him. According to DP Ruto, Uhuru expected him to continue working with the rich at the expense of ordinary Kenyans but he refused.

Here is a video link: https://youtu.be/c2nuz6DQqHs

Ruto made it clear he will no longer subject himself to the rich rather he will strive to help the ordinary to uplift their lives as well against the wish of the rich. The second in command is clear he will moving forward focus on what can uplift the lives of the ordinary Kenyans so that they can also have a source of living.

The deputy president William Ruto has politely responded to Uhuru telling him off for he will nolonger work with the rich. Ruto is clear his refusal to support the rich for the top seat is the main reason he fell out with Uhuru.

DP Ruto remained clear it's his time to ensure the ordinary Kenyans are also supported for they also deserve a piece of the cake. He is clear Uhuru is fighting him just because he has decided to support the ordinary Kenyans in uplifting their lives moving into the 2022 general election.

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