A Guy Caused A Stir After Sharing Why His Girlfriend Broke His IPhone

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Being in a relationship is absolutely lovely—until arguments and disputes arise. In light of the foregoing, a man recently made waves on social media by posting a picture of his damaged iPhone. The man said that his girlfriend destroyed the phone after discovering some contacts on his Whatsapp contact list. The comments drew a range of responses.

Some people suggested that the man file a vandalism claim. Others said that the girlfriend's mental health is unstable. There has been a lot of commentary.

Someone wrote in a comment, "You should let go of all the other women and focus on only her or else you will get in problems. You were the first to tell her you loved her; she didn't come chasing you." View additional responses from others below.

Share your thoughts on the comment section. What do you think about the guy's situation and people's reactions overall?

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