'Kumbe Dancing Iko Na Pesa Hivi?' Moyo David Reveals When He Got His Ever First One Million.

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Moyo David is currently one of the dancing personnel who is trending all over social media platforms from Tik Tok to Instagram and Whatsapp status. Moyo David is famous for serenading women during their important events and rewarding them with flowers. Moyo David started this as a joke and now he has become internationally recognized. Most people are paying and sending Moyo David to serenade their spouses, daughters, mothers, wives to give gifts on their behalf. At the end Moyo David posts these videos which in turn make him become more famous.

Today Moyo David has Revealed when he ever made his first million Kenyan Shillings and Moyo has Revealed that it was just recently. It seems that after Moyo David became famous, companies are also willing to endorse good deals with him.

Moyo David has encouraged people on the dancing industry as a career not to give up because he was on the verge of giving up but he decided to add some flavor and content to dance to make him unique. See screenshots of Moyo David's post.

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