Meet The Man Who Lives With An Artificial Heart Carrying It On A Bag To Survive


Andrew Jones has a very inspiring story of not giving up. He moves around carrying his artificial heart in a bag. He does not have a natural functioning heart. For Jones to survive, he has to be with the artificial heart pumb and pacemaker attached to a backpack every single second. Every night, he sleeps next to a socket in order to charge the life-saving hardware.

Well, are you wondering how Jones found himself in his current situation? It all started in 2012 when he couldn't breathe well. He went to the hospital and was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. The doctors provided him with a device known as Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD). LVAD is a portable device which allows patients to continue doing their normal activities as they await transplant. The device consists of a battery pack and a computer. The two are responsible for powering and controlling the technology assisting the heart.

In 2016, he was able to get the heart transplant he needed. However, he started experiencing complications after the transplant and it turned out to be unsuccessful. Up to now, Jones is living without a heart. He only survives using the artificial bag he carries around. Well, that has not stopped him from doing what he loves most. He is often on the gym lifting weights. He is one of the most famous bodybuilders from the United States of America.

It was first difficult for Jones to accept the situation he had found himself in. However, he later accepted his condition because it was the only way to survive; carrying his heart in an artificial bag and moving around with a charger in case the device runs out of power. Jones has already founded a charity organization aimed at raising awareness on the issues of life saving transplants and to offer support and encouragement to heart transplant patients.

Well, I guess you have a reason to be grateful each morning. Thank God for life.