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Mseleku and his wives took a brave move when they decided to air their lives on TV. When their show was first introduced, it was met with a lot of reactions and many were against polygamy, women to be precise as they felt like, it's showing, portraying rather, how women are always oppressed in the name of culture ,while men are taking more wives for selfish reasons.

However, Mseleku made people to change their minds as they learnt how the polygamy works and how Mseleku divides his time between his wives.

Now another season is currently airing and people don't miss a single episode and they talk about it on social media platforms.

" Musa Mseleku has four wives and girlfriends, do all the wife's knows the girlfriends", one asked

"Mseleku has four wives, what the hell is he doing with girlfriend's", another chimed in.

Mseleku has shown interest to having a fifth wife and his wives weren't happy about it.

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