The 2022 presidential Race dynamics


As the 2020 election in Kenya gets more closer ever day, the political heat continues rising majorly for those aiming for the presidential seat.

Most of the leaders are out looking for effective and influential partners with a promising win in the election.

Here are some of the possible alliances with their effect on the election.

Basically its now known the possibility of his Excellency the president supporting William Ruto is too low. One of the great political analysts Mutahi nguye has opened and said the promise of the president supporting Ruto is broken.

Ruto on the other hand had a major following in the entire rift valley only for the number to be cut with one group following Gideon Moi. Ruto`s number in the Rift valley is therefore not encouraging. Ruto also has a following in mount Kenya region which is some good news too. 

Musalia Mudavadi is a promising leader, is among Kenyas favourite by now, but lacks the power to be trusted. unlike other leaders Musalia has not been moving and campaigning around which leaves a question if he really wants the leadership. Teaming up with a good partner will give him a more win percentage since he is not after personal fights between other leaders.

Raila had a potential of winning but teaming up with the president most of the trust was lost. Many people consider him a traitor with personal needs more important to him. Raila teaming up with Kalonzo will not guarantee him a win because the same alliance failed last time. 

According to Mutahi nguye a government political analyst Mudavadi has a higher percentage of winning , only that most people don't like to accept the reality