She is Beautiful - WWE Charlotte Flair Reacts to the Picture of Nigerian Girl

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World Wrestling Entertainment competitor Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr is getting the attention on social media for her new charismatic look and for her general engagements.

Charlotte Flair who is a legendary WWE wrestler has reacted to the picture of one of the young sporting entertainment family member via her verified Twitter account.

Current WWE Intercontinental champion Apollo Crews took to Twitter to share the picture of his daughter and celebrate her.

Apollo Crews who is of Nigerian descent shared the picture of himself as a proud father of his daughter Sade Uhaa which sparked reactions from fans and some familiar faces in the wrestling ring.

Charlotte Flair who is second generation professional wrestler tweeted that "Sade is beautiful" and that sat well with the followers of both wrestlers.

Apollo Crews and Charlotte Flair are friends and colleagues for ages and it must be recalled that she visited the Uhaa family when Mrs Linda Palonen-Uhaa was heavily pregnant and the beautiful outcome is Sade.

Sade Uhaa is four years old, two years older than her younger brother Kai who is two years old as both could become a second generation superstar by following the footsteps of their father.

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