"Not Again "Serial Shoplifter Who Was Saved By Mike Sonko Arrested After Allegedly Shoplifting Again

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The man identified as Alvin Chivondo hit the headlines in April 2022 after he was proved guilty due to shoplifting at Naivas Supermarket along Moi avenue.

During that time he had stolen 5kgs of Daawat long grain rice, 500 grams of American gourmet honey and 500 grams of Fahari ya Kenya tea leaves. He was also accused of stealing 5 litres of cooking oil and 2Kgs of Kabras Sugar.


On that account, Chivondo was sentenced to one year in jail or pay Kshs.100,000 fine after pleading guilty of shoplifting from Naivas Supermarket but the former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko came to the rescue and paid the Kshs.100,000 to prevent Chivondob from serving the jail term.

Details have emerged that Chivondo is at it again as he has been arrested over shoplifting.

Chivondo was on Thursday night May 19th arrested after being caught shoplifting at Naivas Supermarket along Ronald Ngala street, Nairobi CBD.


He is currently at Central Police Station awaiting to be arraigned in court.

In the last incident, he told the court that hunger and high cost of living drove him to steal since he had lost his job.

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