UGANDA: Policeman is Rushed to The Hospital After Collapsing

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Relations between the public and the police have always been sour but efforts have always been done to ensure that this is not the case.

Picture courtesy. Image from scene.

Here in Kenya, there has been a lot of criticism of The National Police Service despite the good work they do in putting criminals behind bars.

This afternoon, an incident in Uganda has shocked many people after a police man fell unconscious while on duty at a park.

The police officer was quickly carried away by his colleagues to a waiting car that quickly rushed him to the hospital.

The state of the police officer is unclear at this point but many hope that it was nothing serious.

What has shocked many, however, is the fact that as the policeman was carried to the on waiting car to head to the hospital, people cheered.

This is a reflection on the sour relations between the police and the people of Uganda who seem not to be in good spirits with the police.

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