According to your star sign this is the type of person who you need in your life

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Someone as strong and spontaneous as you are, who understands your fierceness and desire for directness. Someone who will open up to you and lets you open up to them without feelings as if you're tied to one place


Someone who let's you take your time, allowing you to feel comfortable and stable in a relationship without pushing you to move too fast. Someone who knows when you need your space, but also when you need a gesture that assures you of their feelings


Someone who matches you on an intellectual and energetic level. Someone who knows you enough to make you laugh but also enough to allow you to roam independently, coming and going as you please


Someone who respects your boundaries and doesn't make you feel unnecessarily vulnerable. Someone who understands your caring nature without taking advantage of your big heart and giving spirit, and someone who will give to you in return


Someone who understands your need to be dramatic, without blowing your actions out of proportion. Someone who is confident and colourful. Who admires you and respects you without trying to force you to change


Someone who understands your emotions are sometimes hard to read and will trust the feelings you choose to express without question. Someone who respects your space and emotions and won't make a figurative or literal mess of your life


Someone who shares your zest for life and understands that even if you seem distant, you're a romantic at heart. Someone who is smart and friendly as you and won't hold you back from the path you choose to follow


Someone who respects your privacy and occasionally secrecy but understands and matches your passion for all things. Someone who understands your strong will and won't leave you when they feel like things are getting too intense


Someone who understands how important your friendships are to you and will respect your freedom while standing by you. Someone who knows how to have fun and can help you broaden your horizons in ways you never thought possible


Someone who isn't intimidated by you and will understand that while you often keep your emotions to yourself you do still have them. Someone whom you can settle down with, without feeling trapped or like your ambitions have been stunted


Someone who respects your independence and will care for you without holding you back from your freedom. Someone who shares your passions for justice and intellect and will be your friend as well as your partner


Someone who won't take advantage of your kind, sensitive heart and will make you feel safe opening up to them. Someone who believes in your dreams as much as and sometimes more than you do and will help you push out of your comfort zone to pursue them

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