Pope Francis receiveS letter with 3 bullet days After colon surgery.

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Image credit: Riccardo De Luca/AP.

Days after Pope Francis returned from the hospital for a colon surgery in July,the Pope was surprise to receive a letter Address to him which contained 3 bullet which is unarguably for a short gun including also some message referring to some financial operations at the Vatican. The suspicious envelope was found overnight at the at the mail sorting facility in the Milan suburb.

The police which began investigation made known the that the letter was sent from France. Although there wasn't any comment from the Vatican, but the police has vowed to expose the perpetrator of such a threatening letter and promise that who ever is behind the letter will be brought to light.

Despite such a threatening event, the Pope still continue with his plans to visit Hungary and Slovakia next month and also to attend the COP26 climate conference schedule to take place in Glasgow ,Scotland in November.

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