Things That You Should Never Engage in While Driving

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Driving a vehicle is not as easy as most people tend to think. This is because it requires a lot precision and care in order to avoid accidents and arrive safely to your destination. Below are some things that you should never do when driving.

1. Listening to music through your earphones.

Nowadays, most cars come with music systems. The main function of these systems is always to entertain the passengers and not the drivers. However, some drivers have the tendency of listening to music through their earphones when driving. This is highly discouraged as it reduces the concentration of the driver hence increasing the likelihood of an accident occuring.

2. Resting your hands on the gear stick.

By resting your hand on the gear stick, you are applying pressure via the linkage to the shift fork which initiates a gear that you are not prepared to drive at. The worst case of resting your hand on the gear stick is you might end up breaking your shift fork or even losing your gears which is another cost on your pocket. You should drop the popular belief that resting your hand on the gear stick has no particular impact on the car transmission because it has everything to do with your gear box and gear shifting together with the linkage.

3. Talking on phone.

This entirely consumes all our attention and directs it to the person on the phone. You sometimes forget that you are on the road and all your thoughts and focus shifts from the road to the phone. This is the worst enemy that you don't want to use while driving especially if you know very well the person on the call is up for petty things that aren't important. Using internet while driving is another problem that you don't want to get yourself involved in while on the move. Be mindful and watchful on the road to avoid causing or getting into unnecessary accidents.

These just but a few of the things that are prohibited while driving. Follow for more updates like this one.

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