Modify technical training into industrial education – Financier.

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Hon. Afful Manu Benjamin, the proprietor of Star of Africa Montessori, a Businessman and an Economist, also the Financier of New Patriotic Party in Tain constituency, in the Bono Region, has recommended to Government to reform the Technical and Vocational Education into Industrial Education.

He said, “technical and vocational education in the past have had some negative connotations of being for its limitations, and people find it difficult to associate with it, a change of name and curriculum would ensure that the nation will benefits, I guess".

He added that government should not reorient it, but should overhaul the entire system because industrial education has so many folds, and the name 'industrial education', will draw a lot more attention to it.

The Economist said this in an interview with Appiah Kubi on Tain FM Anɔpa Nkɔmmɔ in Nsawkaw.

"Our education system had practiced the old form of education for so long which needs changes in this current global change, the government could roll in ICT training and all other digital economic issues to help bridge the gap between academia and industry", he stressed.

He noted that, strengthening the technical side and blending it with industry will be the only way to solve the country’s unemployment issue as people could then create their own jobs and employ others after school and can even pay their taxes well.

"If the government will accept to move from academical system in to technical and industrial system would be the best to develop the country", he stated.

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