Now 1 Dollar Is Equivalent To 'Gh5.76,' What Will Pastor Mensah Otabil Say? - Captain Smart Quizzes


If we get 100 people like that of captain smart, our country will change. It seems things are deteriorating according to the renowned journalist and he has shared his opinion. Many are of the view that, the issue with Ghana media is, if journalist at each station can shout like how captain is doing on the same topic, change can come. When the whole country cries in unison, it can force quick change.

A lot of issues were touched on and many Ghanaians have also shared their sentiments that Ghana as a country lacks generational thinkers. And it's about time we change them all and get real generational thinkers in this nation. On Angel TV this morning, the vociferous media personality raised some serious questions which needed answers.

He bemoaned the high rate of borrowing and the cedi depreciation against the collar. He asserted that the time when the cedi to dollar rate was 1 dollar equivalent to Gh5.20(5 cedis 20 pesewas), Pastor Mensah Otabil indicated that it will get to 10 cedis. Now 1 dollar is equivalent to Gh5.76, what will pastor Mensah Otabil say?.

He added that, what is most important and and laudable is for you to be bold and tell someone that you love the truth in the face that things are going bad.

You can watch the full video here.