After Spending 68Years In Prison, This Man Regained His Freedom At The Age Of 83

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Without freedom, life can't be interesting because being Free to pursue ones dream is the main process to achieving ones goals.

Many people are in the prison due to offences they either committed or were implicated with. However, they live their lives remorsefully without freedom.

This is a story of a man who have been in the prison for almost 68 years and he has been convicted since he was 15 years old and sent to life imprisonment in 1953.

The name of this man is Joseph Ligon.

Ligon is now 83 years old and he has been convicted since he was 15 years for participating in a robbery and assault incident in which two people lost their lives.

He admitted that he participated in the rubbery but denied killing anyone.

He has finally been released in February 2021 after 68 years of been in the prison.

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