Meet Ibro The Unforgettable Comedian Actor In Hausa Movie Industry

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Rabilu Musa Ibro was known for his comic role in the hausa movie industry.

He was born and raised in Wudil local government of Kano state, he did all his elimentary schools in Kano state.

He joined the Kannywood Industry for over twenty years back, he staired more than one hundred different films before his demise. As soon as you see his name in the script just prepare to laugh necessary.

Many people are watching Kannywood films then as a result of him and his roles, he has uncountable fans especially in Northern Nigeria not only moderate people but including elders and small kids.

His roles is special, as no one can be able to replace him verbatim up to now, he was the only person that is able to discharge his roles hundred percent.

Kannywood Industry was face with alot of problems and criticisms after his demise, many people have now lose confidence in the industry due to his absentia.

He died in early 2015 leaving behind wives, children and many orphans that he shoulder all their responsibility before his demise, like food, shelter, clothes, education, health and any thing of their basic needs. We pray Allah should Grant him place in the highest paradise.

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