Amount Of Money You Will Be Getting If You Provide Information Leading To Recovery Of Taxes


Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is a governmental body in Kenya that is tasked with collecting, assessing and accounting for all revenues that are in accordance to the laws of Kenya. In 2020, KRA launched an online platform called iWhistle where whistleblowers or any other volunteer can report tax evasion malpractices.

According to KRA, the rewards to any individual who provides information leading to the identification of unassessed taxes ranges between Ksh.100,000 and Ksh.500,000. However, the rewards stands between 5% of the recovered taxes and may even go up to Ksh.2 million.

What happens in the iWhistle is that; one is assigned a unique code that identifies him or her once they report any tax related crime on the KRA website.

According to KRA, money amounting to Ksh.2.1 billion were recovered from iWhistle within it's months of launch marking a great milestone as they hope to get more this year.

However, it is said that the KRA staff and all those Public Servants enforcing tax compliance are not usually eligible for rewards from the information provided by the whistleblowers.

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