One Chelsea attacker who has had worst scoring record than Sancho

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There is a growing discussion among rival fans all over the world about one of Manchester United summer signings who have struggled to make an expected impact at the club so far this season. Early in the summer, Manchester United announced that they have reached an agreement with Borrusia Dortmund for the signing of Jadon Sancho.

The announcement was made to much fanfare, however, what has ensued since the signing was completed have been discouraging. The young English winger is yet to make a single assist or score a goal for the club, despite having made up to seven appearances in all competition. However, while Sancho has been talked about for his struggles, there is also one Chelsea attacker who is enduring a goal drought for a sizeable period of time too, but no one is talking about.

Occasionally, when rival fans are trying to taunt each other, they tend to be biased with their points. In truth, considering the amount of money United spent on Sancho, a lot is expected of him. However, in his Case, it could be unfair and unjust on him if we judge him after a couple of appearances considering the fact that he has only been in the Premier League for just a couple of months.

One Chelsea attacker who has been playing Premier League football for a couple of years now but still doesn't have a good goal scoring record and people failed to talk about is Mason Mount. The blues academy graduate is regarded as one of the best players in Chelsea's set up currently, but currently lacks a cutting edge to put him among the elites in the game. This season, Mason Mount has made 15 appearances for both club and country, one of which is in the Capital One cup, six in the Premier League, two in the UCL and six in the World cup qualifiers for England.

In all, Mason Mount has only registered just a single goal and three assist. In fact, his single goal so far this season came in an England shirt. Of his six league appearances, Mount has only registered a single assist till date. How does his records fair against that of Sancho? The former Manchester City academy graduate has had more minutes 964 than Mount 896 this season,, but he is yet to register a goal or an assist. 

However, the fact that Sancho is just returning to England and a new league means more is expected of Mount than him, as such, it can be said that mason mount has had the worst scoring record than Sancho, yet people seem not to be interested to talk about Mount's poor record. 

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