Here's Man United Star Who has performed brilliantly Since The Departure Of Ole Gunnar

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The Red Devils brought in a new manager who grabbed his first win at Old Trafford when his side faced Crystal Palace last weekend. There is one of the United player has been unstoppable in the recent matches after the departure of Ole Gunnar.

Manchester United had been struggling to win matches while under Ole Gunnar depsite having top players in their squad. This led the board to appoint a new interim manager following the departure of the Norwegian.

Since the departure of Ole Gunnar Fred has been unstoppable where he has played a major role for their last two wins. The Brazilian midfielder has been one of the players whom many used to criticize for his poor perfomance in a match.

Recently, he has proved them wrong by displaying a top class performance. In their match against Arsenal, be assisted the first goal to Bruno Fernandez and went on to win the penalty in the last minute of the game where Ronaldo converted from the spot.

In their last match against Crystal Palace, United attacking force had tried all they can to score but failed. It was not until in the final minutes of the game where Fred once again stepped up for his club and scored a stunning goal which sealed the win.

The Brazilian midfielder has been on top form in the recent matches as he has been involved in three goals in their last two matches. He not only played a major role for his club's goal, but also helped their midfield to remain solid.

Whenever his side lost possession, Fred will track back and press the opponent until they win it back. Majority have been impressed with his performance in the recent matches as they all hope he'll continue that way this season.

This now means that Fred has been unstoppable since the departure of Ole Gunnar

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