Not all Teachers with the inscription "Submit documents for verification" are failures -GES


Ghana Education Service conducted examination for the teachers who have served five years and over in their current rank to be promoted to various ranks in the Ghana Education Service.

The ranks teachers wrote examination for the promotion are as follows:

Principal Superintendent, principal superintendent is a rank in the Ghana Education Service which is automatically awarded to teachers with first degree. Teachers with the Diploma begins their teaching career with the rank of Senior Superintendent II, five years after serving in this rank, the teacher qualified to be promoted to Principal Superintendent II by passing interview which has been upgraded to aptitude test.

Teachers with the rank of Principal Superintendent which is an entry rank for teachers with Bachelor’s degree, also have to serve in this rank for five years to be qualified as a candidate to sit for the aptitude test to be promoted to the rank of Assistant Director II and those with Assistant Director II also get promotion to Assistant Director I, Deputy Director and Director the highest rank in Ghana Education Service.

Teachers who failed in their quest to be promoted to any rank in the Ghana Education Service will have to stay in the current rank for a year before he or she can be given the chance to re-write the examination. Passing the aptitude test is the only means for a teacher to get promotion.

The result of the Ghana Education Service Promotion exams was released on GES Promotion portal for teachers to check their results online. Teachers who passed their exams were given a congratulatory message and those who failed in the examination were given a message " you are unsuccessful in the promotion". Some teachers were given messages to provide further documents before their results can be released.

The issue is "fail is a fail," there is no need for a failure to present further particulars before telling him he has failed.

These teachers did not submit the required documents needed to complete their online application for the promotion but they were invited to write the aptitude test. They passed the exams and they were told to submit those documents before their results are released, a deadline was given for them to submit the further documents.

Teachers who submit the documents after the deadline were given a message the were unsuccessful in the exams. This is a, system failure which Ghana Education Service has admitted to look into it and address all the challenges.

Teachers have been asked to exercise patient, management of Ghana Education Service is working to resolve the challenges.

By Nedved