Morning Shocker as Cop Kills Girlfriend and Blows Himself Into Pieces

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An officer attached to the Masalani Police Station in Garissa County reportedly stabbed his girlfriend to death before killing himself.

According to an eye witness’ account, the officer and his girlfriend were engaged in a heated argument before he stabbed her.

Upon coming to the realization of his actions, he then took his own life by detonating a hand grenade, thereby blowing himself up.

Reports indicate that the cop died after he sustained some serious burns and sharp piercing from the grenade fragments.

Reports on the ground state that the two lovebirds had been having problems in the past few months.

At one point the girlfriend is reported to have escaped with her two kids before returning back.

Their bodies are being preserved at the Mwingi hospital mortuary awaiting more action.

This worrying incident comes at time when so many cases of gender based violence have been reported across the country.

As the Country bids farewell Agnes Tirop it's fhe highest time questions are asked on what is really happening in the society currently.

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