Some Kenyan leaders need enlightenment


Misplaced priorities by some Kenyan leaders;

1.Yes I agree it's a very beautiful idea to train motorist at driving schools maybe for free or at a fair cost for the same. But minus opening up of road networks and bringing in investors, is a complete wastage of money. Whose vehicle will they drive and on which road? Don't they know that means of transport is a primary sector of the economy? Before you talk of investing, think about the road network. A region with proper road network opens up to investment and utility.

2.Donating Old school buses to some schools is an insult and outright abuse of those institutions of learning. Infact it's just a few occasions the school buses will be used whereas that money could have been used to improve resources in schools which are part and parcel of learning. Some schools are not performing not even trying to improve since resources have been limited to them. I am of the idea that we need the school bus.. but this can wait. Let the crucial needs be satisfied first. Let there be sufficient and efficient facilities and resources in the schools before going for the school bus. And of what help will the bus be if learners are overcrowded in the classrooms? Let's reason from this capacity.

3.Talents are better rotting ,no cultural events or interactive sessions have been introduced to honour culture and help command respect from other regions. Its time to wake up.