Refund for Ghanaian youths to be done after mass rejection for State recruitment?

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In West Africa, particularly Ghana the module of recruitment into the security services is negotiated through the online means by which a purchase of an e voucher is made where an applicant details is enmeshed for review.

Pursuant to the above indications ,applicants involve in the process have asked for a refund after Ghana Police Service recruited only 2,000 personnel out of 108,364 applications, making GH¢10M in returns.

The recruitment process into the Ghana Police Service and other affiliate security services has officially ended for this year's round.

However the recruitment process has left a pernicious mark on the part of the applicants whom gave their all to purchase the recruitment forms which were submitted online through the state security service website with the hope of getting ends meet in the service.

Many Ghanaians holds the acuity that the Security Services prior to it recruitment process do select the applicants they will be containing even though its entirety process is done online thus rendering the whole process bogus and fraudulent in the minds of manys

As a result of this, many of the Ghanaian youth are calling for a refund of their monies after the recruitment process into the Ghana Police Service ended with the service recruiting a paltry 5,000 personnel out of 108,364 applications received.

According to the Police Service recruitment reportage, a total number of 108,364 independent applications were received.

Upon its examination , 93,154 applicants were enlisted while the other 15,210 had their applications disqualified.

The Fire Service, Immigration Service, and the Prisons Service will recruit only 2,000 personnel each.

Each application voucher costs GH¢100, hence the service made a whopping GH¢10,836,400 in returns.

On the back of that, many are calling for immediate refund of monies to applicants who were disqualified or not recruited.

According to them, it is unfair for the service to be making money off the people especially when they knew the number of personnel they will be needing.

In addition to this , most Ghanaian youth have expressed worry about the actions of the Police service for attacking young individuals who have taken on the path of entrepreneurship in the country.

Meanwhile entrepreneurship has been defined in our contemporary times, a key step for development in developing Countries.

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