Scatter every demonic gathering and DESTROY every Stubborn enemies with these Monday Night Prayers.

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Before you sleep tonight, Say these Powerful Night Prayers. God will surely give you Total Victory on every side.

Heavenly Father, thank you for how far you have lead me during the day. Thank you for your manifold blessing upon me and my household. Thank you king of glory for the uncountable times you have shown yourself strong and capable in every area of my life. To you alone be all the glory, honour and adoration in Jesus. 

Heavenly Father, I commit this night into your mighty hands. Protect and shield my life tonight, deliver me from attack of every kind. Give me peaceful sleep and rest. 

Oh God, scatter every gathering tonight, that will not Favour me. Put confusion in the midst of my enemies wherever they gather tonight. Oh God, let their plans and programs be rendered useless in Jesus Name.

Oh God arrest every strong man threatening my life and destiny. Torment every tormentor of my Soul, pursue on my behalf every pursuer of my destiny. Let me see your Mighty Hands upon my life in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Oh God turn everything around for my Good, turn every failure to unusual success, every disappointment to Testimonies. Give me a reason to smile in the midst of every challenges. 

I seal my prayers with the blood of Jesus, no agents of darkness will be able to stop the answers to my prayers. I am secured and hid in Christ, no weapon formed against my life will ever prosper in Jesus.

Don't fail to see your Prayers with a Threefold Powerful Amen below. Kindly share to your loved ones and follow at the top for more.

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