2 Things Solskjaer Must Do In Other To Stand A Chance Of Remaining Manchester United's Manager

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There are some important things Solskjaer should do in other to save his job and remain the manager of Manchester United for many more years to come. His performance in recent weeks has been horrible and he has been under public scrutiny for many months now. This article will focus on some of the important things Solskjaer must do in the coming matches to stand a chance to retain his job.

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1. Solskjaer must create a pattern of play which Manchester United can be identified with:

Manchester United has been criticized for failing to have a pattern of play like other big clubs across Europe. Solakjaer's team often looks aimless and lacks an organized pattern of play which would have allowed the team to dominate their opponents.

Solskjaer must do everything possible to make sure that his team creates a way of playing football. When Solskjaer moved to Manchester United newly, his team focused on counter-attacking football and for a moment, Manchester United benefitted from depending on counter-attacking football.

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After some time, Solskjaer started deviating from the identity he worked so hard to create for Manchester United. Instead of depending solely on counter-attacks as they did before, Manchester United often goes into the pitch without having a clear way of playing football. If Solskjaer wants to retain his job, creating and maintaining a pattern of play will be very important.

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2. Solskjaer must start winning matches convincingly:

It is very difficult to note that it has been long since Manchester United won a match convincingly without being under immense pressure throughout the match. Even when Manchester United defeated Leeds and Newcastle United, the match was almost evenly contested because Leeds and Newcastle United did not give Manchester United any breathing space.

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Manchester United has only won one match out of the last five matches. They lost three and drew one. If Solskjaer wants to retain his job as the Manchester United manager, winning matches convincingly will go a long way. In most matches, Solskjaer has managed this season for Manchester United, he has not been able to get his team to control any of the matches from start to finish. If Solskjaer do the two things which we have observed, he will be able to retain his job for much longer than some critics are already predicting.

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