Bad News to Two Teachers as a Court Fines them Ksh 4.2 Million For Doing the Following to a Student

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Teaching is a noble and a calling task from the almighty God. Teachers play key roles in our society such as imparting knowledge and skills to our pupils and students.

It's bad news to two private school teachers following the move taken by the Court of law to fine them amount totalling to Ksh 4.2 million for caining and causing serious body injuries to the student.

While giving the ruling, Justice James Makau stated that the caning incident violated the student's fundamental human rights and freedoms as they inflicted serious injuries on the student.

Justice James Makau awarded the pupil Ksh 4 Million and a further Ksh200,000 was given to the pupil's parents for the challenge they got while searching for a new school for their pupil.

In conclusion, this comes after the ministry of education banned corporal punishment such as caining of pupils and students. What's your take on this, do you support the Court ruling against the two teachers?

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