Sjavas trending picture has become a motivation to his fans, here’s why?

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In life we all start somewhere not everyone is born with a silver spoon some of of the people in the world have to work hard in order to find themselves somewhere in life, mostly artists are the one that have to start from zero to hero. Most of them have a traumatic story to share just like the trending picture on twitter of somizi that got a lot of people not loosing hope .

There has been a picture in Twitter that has been trending since morning the picture is of a bag of Gucci a fake Gucci to some that are saying, the bag was torn up to show that it is old and its a wreck. The person whom the bag be longest to as to how fans and twitter users interpreted it it was sjava.

Here is the picture that has been going up and down of social media that has been a motivation to many youngsters and youth and those having a hard time in life.

From the picture though the person is looking at the front twitter was able to spot that it is sjava indeed on the picture of the gucci bag its sjava during his trying time, before he was famous.

It seems the well known sjava he started from the ground until he made it and become well known in life . Before he was famous he was but an ordinary guy, now his a celebrity so the picture was a motivation to a lot of twitter users they believe that even themselves they have to start somewhere.

Here is the post from twitter that was posted to show the motivation.

This is now a picture of sjava now after the fame and he was discovered to be a great artist of all times.

After the post a lot of people commented on the picture and the comments here are the opinions and views from twitter users.

source: Twitter social media platform

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