Babu Owino Or Mureithi? Embakasi East Poll Shows Who Commands Has Highest Percentage Popularity

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Babu Owino who is the incubent Member of the National Assembly for Embakasi East Constituency has taken to his social media account an opinion poll from Infortrak which shows who is commanding the highest percentage ranking in MP race of elections were to be held today.

In the opinion Poll posted by Babu Owino, it shows that Babu Owino who is vying on Orange Democratic Movement Party is leading with a percentage popularity of 63 percent.

Second in the opinion Poll is United Democratic Alliance Party member Francis Mureithi who has a percentage popularity of 16 percent.

Third in the poll survey is Micheal Oganda who is vying as an independent candidate with a percentage popularity of 1 percent while Joash Omwenga comes in the third position with a percentage popularity of 0.8 percent.

19 percent are still undecided on who to vote for as the next MP for Embakasi East Constituency.

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