Man Slaughters a 2-Year-Old Child In Elgeyo Marakwet


Several houses have been torched and ruined at Chesongoch, Endo Ward, Marakwet East after a 2 year old child was killed with a panga by a middle aged man.

The circumstances which led to the horrific murder of the toddler were not immediately established, but the killer is believed to have been having rows with the parents of the deceased.

The houses were burned as a retaliatory act by the affected clan.

The murderer is believed to have surrendered himself to the police.

This incident has left many in panic in the area with fear of retaliatory attacks in many minds.

Police officers have however been deployed to the region to try and cool down things. Many of the irate residents attacked the man's homestead burning it down.

Some have ever expressed their anger after it was established that he did the act after he was in bad terms with his parents.

Police officers should be deployed to the area things go south.