" Stop buying from these people ": Somalians are now making this

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South Africans with their statement that Africa is one nation and South Africa belongs to everyone that lives in it will leave most of us in a compromising position.

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As much as we love we love a rainbow nation, and our brothers and sisters from the neighbouring countries to South Africa to try life, we have to come into terms that they have been here for so long that they are now comfortable in doing damage.

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South Africa is such a beautiful country with very supportive and caring people, they came in numbers with such a warm support for with intentions of supporting their own to such an extent of even doing a family groceries at their Kazi spaza shops.

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But for how long will we keep support them if they keep on faking the original to a point where they don't consider thier customers health? People who continue to buy those cool drinks from "my friends" will experience health problems in a long run.

Please note that this article is not to promote Xenophobia but is with intentions to make people aware of this.



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