Don't Overlook These Dreams If You Have Them.


In mainstream culture, interpreting dream imagery and assigning context has become a major area of both entertainment and self-reflection. Are there deeper meanings in dreams? Is it possible to deduce your unconscious desires and wishes by reading your dreams?

While most existing studies of dreams indicate that the answer is no, this hasn't stopped dream interpreters and analysts from publishing a slew of dream dictionaries that claim to explain the meanings of popular dream themes and symbols.

Many people have different theories of what dreams are; some believe they are fragments of reincarnated past lives we once lived, while others believe they are random thoughts pulled from our memories while we sleep. There are several misconceptions about what dreams are, but the truth remains that dreams may be past experiences replayed in a new way or possible occurrences that have yet to occur. Dreams may have a different interpretation of what is revealed, and they do not run on the same time scale as our real world:

It's a good idea to spend the first few minutes after waking up looking through your dreams. If you have any of the following dreams, please pray against them:

Falling in a bottomless hole.

This is a very dangerous and rare dream, but it means that something dangerous has focused its interest on the dreamer. They normally take longer to manifest, but trust me when I say that you have piqued someone's interest in you. The existence of mysterious power is typically shown in this form of a dream. They are normally carried out by demons or idols who possess man-made objects, animals, or plants. Typically, this sort of intruder is hidden, or should we say "invisible."

Speaking to or seeing deceased relatives.

This is a typical dream that means the dreamer is about to die. These dreams are common in elderly people, but they may also occur in rare circumstances in younger people.