"I Was Only Allowed To Be A Cleaner In Finland Hospital Despite My Qualifications"- Doctor


A medical doctor has shared her story of how she was dehumanised while living in Finland. She claims to be a medically certified doctor who received her diploma from a free Finland tuition university. She said after her studies she could not find a job with her medicine certificate just because she was a black woman.

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 Furthermore, she claims she was discriminated against and denied employment because she was a black woman, and the only job she was offered was cleaning job, despite having a master's degree in medicine and graduating from a Finland university. Besides, she issued a strong warning to those coming to Finland searching for work or to make money that they would be disappointed.


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Moreover, she stated that she was fortunate to receive a scholarship to study for her doctorate degree at one of the best universities in Canada after working as a cleaner in Finland for 4.5 years.

Photo credit: instablog

She thanked God for delivering her from the trauma and dehumanization of Finland. How would you feel if, after 8 years of studying medicine, the only job your master's degree and other certificates could get you was a cleaner job? Would you accept it despite having a master's degree?

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