Does Honesty still pay?: See what wedding Guests did to a boy who returned a missing phone.


Honesty is one virtue that is fast fading away in our society today. Dishonesty is prevalent in every aspect of our society so much that one who is devoted to being honest is termed a fool, dull or not being smart. The problem of honesty is one that remains ever-rising and a lot of people have attributed it to the prevalent hardship in the country postulating that everyone simply has to find a way to survive. However, that remains the point of view of those who have been programmed to believe it works that way.

Philemon Igbokwe a senior secondary school student from rivers state did something remarkable on 8th April after he returned a stolen android phone at a wedding party in Port Harcourt rivers state.

The story was disclosed by Emma Okah a lawyer earlier today, according to him the boy found the phone which belonged to a guest in the restroom and gave it to the MC who in turn announced the incidence after which the owner came forward and claimed it.

After this display of honesty by Philemon Igbokwe two Guests came rewarded him with #50,000 each while a third guest came and crowned if up with $500 all totaling #340,000.

So does honesty still pay?

Yes it does.


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