My Goodness: This Is Just A Huge Joke To Ghanaians- Kwesi Pratt Jnr


The managing editor for insight news paper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr has stated that the increased in daily minimum wage by government is just a huge joke to Ghanaians.

Kwesi Pratt Jnr speaking on Pan African TV Alhaji and Alhaji show hosted by Sena Nombo today, Saturday, 5th June, 2021 stated that those who are managing the National purse today value their "dogs" more than they value the working people of Ghana.

According to him, looking at the minimum wages increased by the government, how many top officials spend less than 400 cedis on their dogs in a month in the country?

Kwesi Pratt Jnr stated that top Government officials values their dogs more than the working people of Ghana because what they spend on their dogs is far higher than what they have recommended as daily minimum wage for Ghanaian workers.

He questioned that how much can 71 pesewas that has been added to people's salary be used to buy something useful and revealed that the increased in the minimum wages can only buy 3 sachet of water which is shocking to him.

He said what pains him more is that part of the 71 pesewas shall be taken as taxes and the rest cannot even buy porridge or if the worker decided to spend it on chewing gum.

The veteran journalist questioned again that those who made this decision, how much does their break fast cost before they go to their offices?

"They're recommending that workers should be paid for one break fast they (Government officials) take in the morning while the worker who is suffering is less paid than what they spent on their lunch.

Drivers who drives them around suffers much hunger but they don't care if they eat or not because they have increased their daily minimum wages.

I am told Ga kenkey have jumped from 1 cedis to 2 cedis without fish and if you are taking the minimum wages and have unemployed wife and two kids, how can you eat kenkey? Many of Ghanaian workers end up eating the air because it is the only thing which they are not taxing in the country.

They give break fast, lunch and promised their children dinner and add more than 400 cedis to their children in a month but how many people on the daily minimum wages can do that?

If Ghanaian workers tries to buy clothe and shoe in every month or year, the top Government officials look at them and said it is a childish dream which will never be realized and their retirement benefits is low.

My goodness this is just a huge joke to Ghanaians if they said we should tighten our belts, remember they don't have any belt on their waist.

If you can't bite the bullet, why should you tell us to bite it?

Our leaders should set the example for us" Kwesi Pratt Jnr said on the show.