4 Things You Should Be Very Careful When Purchasing Over This Covid-19 Period


In this content, I'll talk on one major economic impact of Covid-19, focusing on the aspect of Production. The economic strains brought about by Covid-19 has led to production of counterfeits and low quality products. People have been looking for ways to survive and one of them has been selling fake or substandard products. Here are six products that you should be very careful when purchasing over this Covid-19 period;

1. Alcohol

With the bars closed, it's is possible for liquor stores to stock some illicit brews and fake brands to increase profitability. Please, before you drink, make sure your are drinking a safe liquor with. More so when it comes to hugely discounted wines and spirits. Don't just dive in.Photo Courtesy

2. Foodstuffs

Foodstuffs such as meet are currently taking too long in the stores, but I don't think the stores discard them at all. They are allegedly injected with certain chemicals to keep them fresh. With transportation of foodstuffs from farms to the market also negatively impacted by the current pandemic, rogue individuals have resorted to chemical production of certain foodstuffs. These include injections of fruits and Vegetables, chemical production of milk products. Be very careful when purchasing food products over this Covid-19 period.

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3. Covid-19 Vaccine

Now, this is a very sensitive one that we can't just ignore. With the current quees in vaccination facilities, able Kenyans are attempted to order their private vaccines. And this is the reason why the government hasn't allowed privates firms to import vaccines, because one they allow it, fakes will begin streaming in. The impact would after that be more deadly than the virus itself. So if you decide to order your own vaccine, please make sure it's genuine and has been licensed by the WHO and other International health bodies.

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4. Covid Protective Equipment

I'm talking about the covid protective equipments, the most common one being face masks. If possible please visit a Pharmacy or a certified vendor and buy a pack of masks. I've always been against buying masks in the streets because they are sold by people with different intentions. Don't be drugged by a mask.

All in all, please be very careful with whatever thing that you purchase, because as I had mentioned in the introduction, fake, counterfeits and substandard products have increased. Please share this widely. Thank you for reading.

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