Sad! Kenya Hits The International Headlines For The Wrong Reasons

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Interior cabinet secretary Fred Matiangi (photo courtesy).

In a post shared at the daily Washington post, a Kenyan award winning Patrick Gathara who is also a strategic communication consultant and writer shares a story on how Kenyan government has turned the health crisis into a law an order one.

The post talks about how the cabinet secretary for health has gambled with the lives of Kenyans when ordered restaurants to be re-opened after he just ordered their closure a week earlier.

This has given Kenyans the opportunity to buy alcohol since bars have been banned.

It also talks on how police have turned the crisis into brutality. Since the start of the crisis police brutality has claimed many innocent lives in the sense of maintaining order.

It discusses the illegal arrest by police on Kenyan motorist for not wearing face masks when even alone in their vehicles and how people are placed in crowded police cells in the sense of enforcing social distancing.

It unmasks the government demolition of homes while also urging its citizens to stay home.

It also shares about how the government has allocated pensions to leaders when the state is putting citizens on a must pay quarantine for those who break the law and cannot provide free masks to its citizens.

The article also discusses the lack of trust that the citizens have on their government due to poor leadership that has resulted in low turn ups in health centres.

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