Azimio- Oka Alliance Expected To Land In Turkana Today for Campaigns

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The Azimio ally is joined by the One Kenya alliance party leader Kalonzo Musyoka as they plan to visit every part of the country to spread the gospel to lead Raila Odinga to the statehouse.

They are tirelessly working day and night to ensure that they have spread the gospel to the whole people in Kenya, hence acquiring more people to elect them as the next president of Kenya.

Kalonzo has fully made up his mind with all his heart to support Raila Odinga as the next president of Kenya, he is accompanying him in almost every place to mobilize all Kenyans to say yes to Azimio.

They are motivated and ready to bear the whole cost to lead Raila Odinga to the statehouse. The Azimio ally is going to visit Turkana county tomorrow, to spread their narrative to the residents living in the place, they are hoping to draw a large crowd and storm the whole place.

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