Generations The Legacy actress opens a sexually assault case

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17 January 2022

By Sphe J Hadebe

Durban- The issue of abuse in South Africa is very high especially when it is sexually abuse. 

It is also another issue when homosexual people get abused by heterosexual people who feels like they can change their homosexualities by sleeping with them. 

Generations The legacy actress, Letoya Makhene and her wife, Lebo Keswa found themselves being the victims of this. 

Makhene was allegedly fondled in her private parts by some Nigerian man who asked to have an orgy with her and her wife, Lebo. 

As expected, these news irritated and upset Letoya and Lebo moved to confront this man, which ended badly as she got arrested for assault. 

Makhene the decided to open a case of sexual harrassment against the suspect yesterday on Sunday at the Midrand police station. 

According to a police officer who wanted to remain anonymous as he was not allowed to speak to the media, Makhene alleged that she was approached by a businesswoman, who owns a bakery in Midrand, and asked her if she and Keswa were open for orgy activities. 

When they dismissed her, the businesswoman then introduced her to some Nigerian national who told her to stop having a relationship with a woman. 

This Nigerian guy then touched her private parts and this annoyed Makhene. She told Keswa who confronted the guy and they started attacking her. 

She then retaliated in self defence.

The police officer said Keswa wanted to call the police for intervention but failed to do so as her phone battery was flat. 

After this assault, Keswa got arrested and released today on Monday after appearing at the Midrand Magistrate's court. 

She opened a counter case of assault against the businesswoman and the Nigerian national.

South Africans took to the comments section to show support for Letoya and wife in all what they have been through and called for the law to be swiftly in arresting these Nigerians.


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