Old Woman Marries New Man To Avoid Wife Battering


An old woman of 76 years old, has caused confusion among her adult children and husband for being dishonesty with her marriege.Accordimg toR Rodiaga location chief Samson Baromgo,the elderly woman left for her parent's home after every two weeks. She went with the excuse of going to visit her elderly mother,who is 92 years old in KIsii county photo:Home.

But when she reached there,she sneaked to her childhood boy friend's home."They stayed together overnight and then the woman could leave her home as she feigned innocence,' reported the chief.More trouble started when she returned to her husband's home and found he had discovered her tricks;he seized and her and tied both of her legs with a sisal rope.He threatened to kill her with a matchet if she did not tell him the truth and confess why she was dirtting their matri minial bed.He took her to a nearby local primary school where he threatened to throtlle and dump her in the evening.photo:Local primary school.

That was when she raised alarm and attracted her adult sons.They came for her rescue.They pleaded with their father who, adhered to their request.He stopped beating the wife.She got chance and sneaked off the scene of beating.On her way,she fell into a river as she crossed adelicate bridge.The police went there for rescue but found she had left there privately.photo:Police.

She spent the night in athicket at the river because she feared going to her home lest the man repeated the beating on her the following morning,she walked up to her old friend's home and decided to marry him permanently

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