I met my death last night.

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I met a lady two years ago in Accra and we had sex, after a couple of months because I use to travel around Ghana due to the nature of my work. After the one night stand I never heard from this girl again. She wasn't picking up my calls so I stopped calling and moved on, then I met another lady again.

Let's call the First Lady Beck and the second lady Nary. Beck called me after 3 months claiming she is 4 months pregnant for me, I told her that isn't possible so she should go back and calculate again for her to be sure.

We had sex in April 2021 and she informed me about the pregnancy in June, after receding that information, she stopped picking up my calls again but when she needs help I help her when I can.

She informed me after delivering and I sent her money, she stopped me from coming to visit with the excuse that her family isn't happy with me because they didn't see me when she was pregnant.

We lost communication again until last two months she called telling me I am making her suffer, she can't take care of the child again because the child needs a father so she want to come and stay with me in Accra.

According to her, she went to her mum's place at Nsawam when she got pregnant. So l told her it won't be possible for her to stay with me because I have a serious girl now, I will take care of the child.

For the past two months this girl has been disturbing me to visit them because the child needs me. The day that I decided to visit them she told me her mum is having issues with her so she has been thrown out of the house. She later Said her uncle gave her new place to stay for now, after hearing this I decided to rent a place for her so that she will be comfortable and she has even started looking for place at Nsawam.

I asked her to look for chamber and hall self contained 5 days ago. Few days later she told me her father has passed on she will need money for the funeral and transportation. I promised to help her when the time is due.

She called me yesterday that her mum has been admitted at the hospital so she needed money, I sent her money to cater for the bills ,I have a meeting with a friend at Dome today so I decided to spend the night with my brother who lives at Dome and after the meeting I will visit the child and her mum, whiles I was in a car going to Dome last night she called me to tell me that her uncle who gave her a place to stay is about to travel to Swedru and she will go with them so i can't come today, besides they don't know when they will be back so I should come and see the child before they leave the next morning to Swedru

So changed my location to Nsawam to visit them, I got there around 9:30pm, when we got to her room I asked her 3 times if the child is mine because I realized the child doesn't resemble both of us.

I raised the child up to pamper it and we heard a knock on the door, she opened the door a little bit and person outside asked her about the person who was in the room, they were whispering but heard the person say "Wode barima foforo aba w'kumu dan mu". That was when I realized I had slept with a married woman. The woman started shouting and within a twinkle of an eye the house has been filled like Manchester city stadium.

Guys in the area wanted me to come out but a sister to Beck told me not to come out or they will kill me if I step out of the room. I never knew it was strong until they wanted to break in but i braced the door with my hands so they couldn't enter, we struggled for over an hour over the door. when I realized they can still break in I called my sister to inform her to tell my girl that I love her because I am about to die, I knew that will be my last day.

The network at the area was not good to, my sister called our prophetess to call me and the woman took the girl's number. I knew what she was going to do, my girl also called me afterwards to ask my whereabouts I told her and she said my girl called her so they are coming, I told her not to come because time wasn't on my side, they won't be able to get to me because I will be dead.

Around 11:40 they started to break the door that was when I heard a sharp silence, the place was quiet for about a minute and I heard a voice of an old man saying he is the Ewe chief around that area so I should open the door.

The man took me to his house without receiving a slap from the guys outside. They were holding wood and machete waiting for me, when we get to chief's house I narrated everything to him.

He went out to tell the people. The house was filled with murmurs, some were saying the girl is wicked bla bla bla, I called the police for help not knowing my sister has already contacted them but they couldn't reach me because of the bad reception.

I was at the chiefs hall and he came to ask exactly what happened, I told him everything and he also started giving me revelations. He told me the girl is married for years now and her parents are dead long time ago so he doesn't know the dead man and the woman who was hospitalized. The man told me his husband rented the place for her, it's not her uncle's house, she doesn't sleep with her husband but rather sleeps around like a goat.

This girl told me they haven't named the child because she was waiting for me meanwhile the chief said they have done that everything already.

The police got there around 2 am to rescue me ,the chief and Ghana police saved my life. They took me to the police station to rest but l couldn't, I left when the patrol team left to continue their duty. I feared for my life, I was sweating profusely, my shirt was soaked, the face towel I was using to clean the sweat was also wet.

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