Chelsea Vs Norwich City And Other EPL Fixtures For Saturday, 23rd Day Of October 2021

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The English Premier League has come this weekend again as teams will be in action. Last week, we had some interesting games like the game between Chelsea and Brentford and a couple of others, this week's fixtures may be more interesting since some big clubs will be playing against themselves.

But our attention will be on the Saturday's games alone. Saturday, 23rd of October is fixture filled Saturday. And a lot of football lovers are highly anticipating the games. All the EPL games for this Saturday will be discussed below.

1. On Saturday, by 12:30pm, Chelsea will be playing Norwich City in the English Premier League. So many people would certainly give the game to Chelsea, but football is full of surprises sometimes. Chelsea currently tops the EPL table with 19 points after 8 games. But Norwich City are 20th on the log with 2 points after 8 games.

Norwich City now has their image to protect, and they may come all out to play Chelsea this Saturday.

2. The second game on Saturday will be between Crystal Palace and Newcastle United. One may think that Crystal Palace will carry the day, but football has no minors at the moment. Currently, Crystal Palace are 14th on the log with 8 points. Their last 2-2 draw with Arsenal should be a cause for concern for Newcastle, who are 19th on the log with 3 points. The game is coming up by 3:00pm.

3. Everton vs Watford; the game comes up by 3:00pm. Everton is 8th on the log with 14 points after 8 games. Watford is 16 on the with 7 points after 8 games.

4. Leeds vs Wolves; both Leeds United and Wolves are 12th and 13th on the log, respectively. A win by either side will take one ahead of the other. It's coming up by 3:00pm.

5. Southampton vs Burnley; both teams have not been having good results as Southampton is 15th on the log with 7 points and Burnley is 18th on the log with 3 points. It's coming up by 3:00pm.

6. One of the biggest games on Saturday is between Brighton and Manchester City; City is 3rd on the log with 17 points, while Brighton is 4th on the log with 15 points. This would be a battle of the top four teams. The game is by 5:30pm.

Can Chelsea without Lukaku and Werner win Norwich City? Leave your thoughts on these games behind in the comments' section.

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