Bad news to Kenyans as they will have to pay extra cash for electricity bills this month


Since the outbreak of Corona virus, many countries locked their citizens to avoid the spread. Fuel prices also hiked in many countries which made a great negative impact to the economy.

As Kenyans are striving to survive hard economic times imposed by the deadly virus, they will have also to dig deeper in their pockets this month as the electricity bill will be higher than normal.

Consumers will have to pay 817.6 million to compensate thermal power producers following the rise of fuels.

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The rise of fuels affect household budgets and cost of operating a business in Kenya as it is the main source of steam which drives turbines that are used to generate electricity.

In this tough economic times, imposing an extra bill to their budget, will make their lives even more hard as many people hardly meet their daily needs.

Kenyans have been complaining about high renting rates and rise of prices in almost every commodity in Kenya making life difficult. Rising electricity bill will add up to Kenyans citizens problems.

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